April 2014 Development News

April 06, 2014, 03:15:03 pm by aRny

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Hey everyone,

time flies so quickly - our heads are down and despite the quietness we are busy working away internally. We have numerous things bubbling away simultaneously, whilst the developers are hard at work, to this extend we want to give you a little insider of what's going on:

+ added sounds to various actions, such as throwing weapons, picking up etc.
+ added new impact sounds to different material surfaces, including water
+ implemented a "player hit" sound, so the user gets feedback when his shots made contact
+ revamped the whole buy menu UI, more sharper and clearer
+ changed how the buymenu purchasing system works, allowing the player to upgrade "used" armour. As well as selling and buying new armour.
+ added a new "rescue hostage" zone and UI icon
+ added the AK47 in-game and is fully coded and animated
+ added a new version of our "death cam" that plays when you are killed - still WIP
 + updated our Player Replication Info system to store and save other details when the player leaves the server, as well as remembering their details when they change to spectator and return to game within the same map.
+ we implemented a custom map-loader image which is displayed on our welcome objective and in our map browser. This is localised to allow custom maps and images to be used by the community at ease.
+ new hackable actor created for our objective, that is now far more intuitive to allow level designers to select a staticmesh which the player must "look" at
+ made the "buy menu" have a disabled state when the player does not have enough funds

TOP-Proto took on a huge task to replicate our player movement, weapon firing and animations to Spectators, despite still being WIP it is suffice to say, he has achieved this brilliantly.

+ spectators are now able to follow players and see their cursor, weapon animations, switching and effects
+ all player HUD elements such as ammo, clips and HUD icons are also replicated

We have still quite a bit to do to smoothen out the transitions and increase the update velocity.
Replicating all of this actually revealed many underlying issues (de-syncing of hands/arms/weapon on client and servers that was never really noticeable before).

Alongside our code development, we continue to push further asset creation across the board, specifically for new characters as we want to introduce more variety and customisation down the line. Here is just some of the on-going work, which we are down right horny about!

European Merc Male
Sculpted by Diego Teran
Textured by Nakshatra “Naky" Solanki

+ fixed a bug where our player would get stuck in "walk" mode after dying
+ fixed an issue with the water volume
+ fixed an issue not being able to change player name/clan tag online whilst steam was running
+ fixed many spectator issues and errors arising from our camera class
+ fixed a bug where the bomb planting timer UI was stuck on screen when killled doing the objective
+ fixed a horrible bug that took ages to nail.. our hostages were out of sync on clients, depending on the player state and when you joined the round
+ fixed our whole objective ICON UI, so they now show up and hide away when you go in and out of the zones
+ fixed issue of the weapon icons not updating when spectating another player
+ fixed issue of our pause menu (ESC) getting stuck in an online game in some circumstances
+ decided we do not want players to view hostages in spectator mode and now "skip" them
+ fixed several issues with BOTS, such as not using correct skins depending on the team, not updating score/player count and also making them wait in the "buytime"
+ we altered and updated several steam calls/functions on UpdateAdvertisementForPlayerInfo to ensure the server browser has the right stats and details
+ bomb planting sounds are now played online to all clients properly
+ added failsafes to try and nail an issue with our "tooltip" text showing up during map change and on the main menu
+ fixed an issue with the player shadow remaining after they have escaped (ghost player)
+ fixed player blood pools (trails of blood left when hurt) not being spawned in the correct location and not showing up on all surfaces
+ flashlight fixed and is fully replicated online and smooth as a babies bum
+ wweaks to the spectator camera rotation made to try and smoothen out the movement
+ found that our player models were never bending up or down - now fixed
+ added several DEV commands to help us test at ease, such as GODlike, givehealth, givearmour, traceweapon, weaponstats UI etc

Please continue following us, we are very grateful for your long-withstanding support and you're waiting will be worthwhile!


All the best
Your Critical Point Team

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